Innovations from GUNEY TRANS,
Our obligation to progress.
Know-how serves as a platform for the implementation of our innovative management, enabling to provide with suitable vehicles optimized for the particular product. New vehicle concepts can be developted with you, well aware of our commitment to emphasis on safety and environmental protection necessity. Guney Trans undertake and execute turnkey logistics for Project cargo comprising of over –dimensional and over-weight cargoes. The scope of work begins from sender’s warehouse to receiver’s storage. The understanding of our partner for the development of an optimized concept as well as the Professional mapping from planning to realization are of top priority to us. We secure our mutual success by a long-term and trustful cooperation.

 Planning of concepts and projects
 Communication and transparency
 Individual planning and realization of the transportations
 Coordination of suppliers
 Supervision of the transportation
 Surveyors and experts
 Distribution logistics
 Manage the various mode of transports

For economic, fruitful transport …