Petrolium wagon :
These rail tank carsa re designed for white and black oil products, as well as for petrochemical products.    Large    volumes of goods can be carried fast, efficiently and product-specific in high-capacity rail tank cars
particularly in block train services.

Powder & hopper wagon :
Bulk cargo (coke, ores, etc.), granulated products (e.g. PVC, PE), as well as fine bulk cargo (coal, sand, etc.)    and powdered goods (e.g. pulverized lignite, lime, cement) are need rail car by special design for transporting.    Discharge    systems of rail cars are particularly suitable for rapid discharge.    i.e. coal dust, coal, ore, silicates, soda, cement, sugar,    detergent raw material etc.

Gas wagon :
These cars are used to transport gases that have been liquefied under pressure, chlorine, vinyl chloride,    ammonia,    even ethylene oxide. Well designed and equipped cars are available to meet demand; these can be also    adapted    for special requirements.

Chemicals wagon :
The chemical industry requires a wide range of special solutions for the transport of its sensitive items. A suitable     solutions will be found for your requirements. Rail tank cars are made of quality materials which are designed for chemical     industry. i.e. acids (acetic, nitric, phosphoric, sulphuric .. etc), Caustic soda, ultra pure chemicals

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