To present logistics solutions based on railway in Turkiye and around regions. By this way main aim to be an
innovative solution partner providing integrated services to the market. Also providing railway rolling materials
as complementary service for logistics operations.

GÜNEY TRANS guarantees its Clients the high quality, timely and complete execution of works (services) to be offered.
It trusts in long-term business cooperation with the Clients.
Human resources are the valuable assets of the Company. All employees of GÜNEY TRANS have an opportunity of
training, professional promotion and career.

The Partners are legal and physical persons, which participate in execution of works (services) of GÜNEY TRANS, certainly
they have important value for our Company. GÜNEY TRANS offers them an opportunity of constant and mutually fruitfull
cooperation and, of course, expects from them the same level of quality.

For economic, fruitful transport …