01.01.2006 = Russian VAT for 2006

    From January 2006 the Russian VAT (18 %) for imports will be included for all shipments to Russian Federation in the rates     and won't be charged back Attention:
    The new rule is already valid for all transports arriving in January 2006 at the Russian rail station. Therefore you get from now     on all rates for final destination Russia including the Russian VAT.

 26.01.2006 = Iraq rail line has opened on January,23,2006

    Only Mosul station can be used for rail freight. Container and alcholic items are not accepted currently.

 15.04.2006 - IRAQ

Direct rail traffic from Turkiye to Iraq can be stopped seldom. That's way "railway + truck" alternatives are used. There are few alternatives.
1) Via Zakho : By railway to Nusaybin or Mardin stations in Turkiye than realod to truck for Zakho direction.
But Zakho border is so busy and this situation causes delayed on transport time and high truck transport cost.
For this reason we have started to realize transportations as below:
2) Via Aleppo / Syria : By railway to Aleppo and reload to truck than delivery to any Iraqian place by trucks
3) Via Islahiye/Turkiye : By railway to Islahiye station which is opposite of Meydan Ekbez (Turkiye & Syrian rail border)
than reload to trucks and move to Iraq via Syria.


For economic, fruitful transport …